"Circle" Set of Wristlet Bag-Tote Bag,made of a blue jean cotton cloth,reinforced with foam and lining. Bag's Dimension: 35x39x10 cm Wristlet's Bag Dimension: 30x15x6 cm

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Circle Set of Wristlet Bag-Tote Bag

Bag's Dimension: 35 length x 39 height x 10 bottom
Wristlet's Bag Dimension: 30 length x 15 height x 6 bottom

A wonderful set of a wristlet bag and a tote bag. They are made of a blue jean cotton cloth, reinforced with foam and lining. The wristlet bag has a zipper with a decorative tassel and a handle for easy grip. The bag is sealed with a metallic clasp for the security of its contents. Decorated with embroidered with circles.

Dimension Wristlet Bag
30x15x6 cm
Dimension Bag
35x39x10 cm