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Ewa in the Juruba dialect means beauty. Ewa (ΕΥΑ) is beauty, attractiveness, loveliness, elements directly closely associated with the female presence.

Ewa the first woman, the companion of Adam that her beauty inspired many people to glorify the female status, the female divine beauty.

Ewa therefore inspired two people to create a new range of products that come to complement Ewa.You will find unique handmade bags, handmade cosmetic bags, handmade book sleeves, handmade beach bags, handmade backpacks made by textile and unique decoration. Also, there are many textile tote bags for every day use where you can print your own unique logo. Many of them are made by ecological materials, such as organic cotton, RPET (recycled plastic bottles), hemp and bamboo fabric, recycling cotton. There are many options for cosmetic bags, to carry your personal stuffs always with style. Backpacks for every day use and backpacks to carry your laptop. Lunch bags for your picnic or for your work. Garments bags to store your clothes or carry them with safety at your trip. You will find also handmade scarfs uniquely designed to wear them also as a necklace.
We never stop thinking and designing new products!

Come and join us in EWA...
to find out everything it has to offer and see how many more we can discover along the way.....

Have a nice and pleasant trip!!!
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