Lilian Raftoudi
Sales Manager

Lilian is our Sales Manager, leading sales teams to success.

My name is Lilian Raftoudi and definitely what I love to do is to create!

Starting with my studies in Landscape Architecture, where it has to do with the design and renovation of outdoor spaces. I realized that this is the case and that beautifying the world through my renovations is something that gives me great joy.

Continuing, with my studies in make-up, there I realized that this is what fills me, my heart, my soul, my mind and when you make your hobby a profession, the only sure thing is that you will succeed and that you will be a happy person. I want to beautify the world, to make them feel unique and for their most beautiful self to come out of them.

We end up with bag design, always in collaboration with Anastasia, which is a new venture but it certainly does not lack love and dedication! The ewa collection is a company that was created with a lot of appetite and passion! When creating the products, all we had in mind was that they would adorn and complete your ensemble making you feel confident using them.

All our products, for us are our little creations and we hope you love them as much as we do!