Anastasia Gouma
Founder - Ceo

Anastasia is our Founder-Ceo, leading the way.

My name is Anastasia Gouma and I am a fashion designer.

I have been painting and drawing since I was a little girl, something that I still love to do. But definitely what I love and have been doing since I was a kid is designing and applying to women's clothing and accessories.

 I worked as an employee or as an external collaborator in various crafts but I think I always wanted to rull my own company. From this passion was born my first activity. My husband and I maintain a company in the field of wholesale where we supply many companies in Greece and Europe with these items. But wholesale limits you to designs and applications that the customer wants. Thus the concept of free thought and design is lost.

 So I decided on the next step. With the collaboration of Lila, who is also an excellent connoisseur of the field, we decided to move on. Designs and products of our thinking and our mind find application. We cut, print, sew accessories and products that concern exclusively the woman, EWA as we want to say. All of our own production.

I will be very happy to see you with us, come and see EWA as we think of it, come and meet us.

Yours sincerely Anastasia Gouma